R&D Center

The environment around the vehicle such as the reinforced restriction on CO₂ emission and the autonomous navigation has been drastically changed throughout the world.

DAIHAN CALSONIC Research Center has carefully captured the movement of global society and the trend of customers in order to respond to such change and reflected them on the development strategy for the next 5 or 10 years.

In order to realize a new value creation in the area decided in the development strategy, we have focused on the development of a system of vehicle level and the development of the products and element technology to realize it.
CAD and CAE with 3D data make it possible. Its latest technology is the global network which can be utilized everywhere in the world.

Moreover, we have actively promoted the introduction of various development systems and put an effort to improve the efficiency of development and the quality of products

에너지 관리
  • Air Conditioning System

    The air conditioning system of a vehicle is the product which consists of an indoor HVAC (air conditioner), and the compressor, condenser and pipes inside the engine room and provides a pleasant space to passenger(s).

    [Strong Point of The Product]
    We have been self developing and manufacturing the entire system of heater, cooler, and suction blower necessary for the air conditioning system. Repeating countless tests according to the natural characteristics and climate in various places of the world, and the use environment of vehicles, we have pursued the comfort of a man and developed the products which can provide the comfort with a little energy. Also, we have been actively facing the recycling of resources and the improvement in fuel efficiency which consider the environment on earth.

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Design Capability

  • CAD


    Computer Aided Design

    • CATIA V5
    • NX
    • OR CAD
  • CAE


    Computer Aided Engineering

    • Star CD
    • Ansys Workbench
    • Scadas 3
  • TEST


    Design Validation
    Performance and Durability

    • Air Conditioning System
    • Engine Cooling System
    • Air Quality System
    • EV Air Conditioning & Battery Thermal Management System

Flow Analysis

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