H/R System

The major direction of personnel affairs strategy by DAIHAN CALSONIC is to procure excellent talented persons, foster them, and establish a personnel affairs system around the competency improvement and performance for the company's vision.

Personnel Principle

  • 역량과 성과 중시

    Highly Regarding Competency and Performance

    DAIHAN CALSONIC will fairly evaluate and compensate for the realized performances.
  • 창의성과 도전정신 중시

    Highly Regarding Creativity and Challenging Spirit

    DAIHAN CALSONIC helps fully demonstrating individual creativity and challenging spirit.
  • 자율과 책임존중

    Respect on Self-Regulating and Responsibility

    DAIHAN CALSONIC considers self-regulating and responsibility important.
  • 공평한 기회제공

    Offering Fair Opportunity

    DAIHAN CALSONIC offers a fair opportunity according the ability and qualification of a member.

Promotion System

Reasonable Promotion System Around Capability

DAIHAN CALSONIC introduced the credit system of personnel assessment result to have operated a reasonable promotion system focused on the capability, which allows the early promotion even for a person who is in short of the year of promotion but has acquired a high credit score.

Promotion Evaluation

Basic Evaluation: Personnel Rating, Language Ability, Completed Mandatory Education

Wage System

Classification Payment Period Payment Criteria
Monthly Wage 25th every month Payment by the Company's Regulations
Bonus Lunar New Year, February, April, June, August, Chuseok, October, December 700%(Manufacturing Worker), Every Month (Office Worker)
Performance Based Bonus December of the said year Pay according to the management performance
Vacation Bonus Summer Vacation Pay a certain amount of money
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