Auto Maintenance Tip
  • Exchange Period of Filter in
    Air Conditioner

    The exchange period for a filter in an air conditioner differs by the use condition and use period of a vehicle. Please refer to the manual for filter regarding the exchange period of the filter.
    In case of the filter with a long period of use, it may cause the generation of odor due to the contamination, so that it is better to exchange frequently.

  • Radiator Inspection

    In case of a coolant leak, it may generate a big problem out of overheated engine, so that the radiator must be exchanged immediately when the coolant leak is confirmed. Also, as there is a case when the coolant is not sufficient by the evaporation, a frequent inspection is required to maintain the sufficient coolant. Please check the coolant level after the engine is fully cooled down. When the coolant is added, do not directly open the cap on top of the radiator but add the coolant in the coolant tank to be added automatically. The coolant (anti-freezer, coolant) exclusive for a vehicle must be used.
    Underground water or stream water other than the exclusive coolant for the vehicle will corrode the radiator and heater core to cause the cooling defect and circulation defect. In a severe case, it may cause vehicle's breakdown due to the cooling defect in the engine.

  • Heater Inspection

    If warm air does not come out of the heater, at first, the coolant and thermostarter must be checked for their condition. If the coolant is not sufficient or there exists an abnormal condition in the thermostarter, the heating performance will be declined, so that you must add the coolant and exchange the thermostarter.
    Also, as it is available to detect the coolant leak at the heater core by its smell, it is better to have an inspection at the A/S center or a car repair service if it is suspicious of coolant leak.

  • Refrigerant Management

    There are many people who think out of a wrong common sense that the refrigerant of an air conditioner should be exchanged every year. The refrigerant of the air conditioner should be checked for its leakage to fill only the insufficient amount. In general, as the joint of each part runs loose little by little due to the vibration during the vehicle driving, which may cause the finite leakage of the refrigerant. It is better to have an inspection once a year before summer season arrives.
    You need to maintain a proper amount of the refrigerant. If the refrigerant is insufficient, the air conditioner may not be cool enough. Even when the refrigerant is too much, you may not feel the cool wind from the air conditioner or it may generate the mechanical noise at its operation.
    The inspection on the amount of refrigerant is a part general consumers cannot do, so that if the wind from the air conditioner is not cool enough, you must have an inspection at the A/S center or a car repair service.

  • Effective Method to Remove Moisture on Windshield

    The air conditioner is in a condition of very low humidity so that it is effective to operate the air conditioner to remove moisture on the windshield. If you wish to remove the moisture fast, you may position the fan direction to the front windshield mode and operate the air conditioner.
    Except, if you use the air conditioner with its fan direction to the front windshield for long hours during the summer season, dew may be formed on the exterior surface of the front windshield. It is better to set the fan direction to face and feet.

  • Water Drops
    below the Vehicle

    When the air conditioner is operated, the refrigerant that passes through an evaporator takes away the heat in the air to cause a cool surrounding, which results in the water drops below the vehicle made by generated moisture.

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