Privacy Handling Policy

DAIHAN CALSONIC (, hereinafter, ’DAIHAN CALSONIC WEBSITE’) retains a handling policy as the following to protect the privacy and right of a user according to the privacy protection law and to smoothly handle the difficulties of the user in relation to the privacy. DAIHAN CALSONIC WEBSITE will notify any amendment of the privacy handling policy through the website notification (or individual notification).

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1. The Handling Purpose of Privacy
The DAIHAN CALSONIC will handle privacy for the following purpose. Processed privacy will not be used other than the following purposes. We are scheduled to ask for the prior consent if the use purpose would be changed.
A. Handling Civil Affairs
Personal information will be handled for the purpose of calling, notification, and the notification of handled result to check the ID of a civil petitioner, to check the civil matter, and to investigate the fact.
2. Privacy File Status
1. Privacy File Name: Customer’s Voice
  • - Privacy Items: Email, Mobile Phone Number, Home Phone Number, Name, Service Use Record, Access Log, Cookie, Access IP Information
  • - Collection Method: Website
  • - Retention Basis: User Consent
  • - Retention Period: 3 years
3. Matters about The Provision of Privacy to the Third Party
① DAIHAN CALSONIC WEBSITE, in principle, will handle the user’s privacy within the purpose range specified in the Article 1. The privacy will neither be handled in excess of original range nor be provided to the third party.
Except, the privacy may be provided to the third party for the following cases.
  • – When a user consents on the provision and disclosure to the third party in advance
  • – When the provision is required by the law & ordinance
  • – When it is apparently difficult to receive the common consent due to economic and technical reason as a necessary privacy to implement the contract regarding service provision
  • – When the privacy is fabricated to an unspecified condition which is not available to distinguish an individual
4. The user of the right, duty and its exercise method as an information subject is a privacy subject who can exercise the following rights.
① The information subject can exercise the right for the DAIHAN CALSONIC WEBSITE regarding the privacy protection of each of the following numbers at any time.
  • 1. Request of the perusal of privac
  • 2. Request of the correction if any error exists
  • 3. Request of deletion
  • 4. Request of stop handling
② The exercise of the right by the Clause 1 may be done for the DAIHAN CALSONIC WEBSITE through document, electronic mail, and FAX according to the annexed form No. 8 of Enforced Regulations in The Privacy Protection Law. DAIHAN CALSONIC WEBSITE will immediately carry out the action for such exercise.
③ When the information subject requests of the correction or deletion of errors in privacy, DAIHAN CALSONIC WEBSITE will not use or provide privacy of the said year until the completion of its correction or deletion.
④ You may exercise the right according to the Clause 1 through representatives such as a legal representative of the information subject or a person who has been entrusted. In this case, you must submit the power of attorney according to the annexed No. 11 form in the enforced regulation of the privacy protection law.
5. Provision of Privacy to Third Party
① DAIHAN CALSONIC WEBSITE has been handling the following privacy
<Civil Affairs handling>
– Mandatory Item: Name, Mobile Phone Number, Home Phone Number, Email, Service Use Record, Access Log, Cookie, Access IP Information
6. Discard of Privacy
DAIHAN CALSONIC, in principle, will discard corresponding privacy immediately if the handling purpose of the privacy has been accomplished. The following shows the procedure, period and method of discard.
  • – The information entered by the user for discard procedure will be transferred to a separate DB after the accomplishment of its purpose (in case of a paper work, a separate document) and saved for a certain period according to the internal policy and other relevant law and ordinance or will be discarded immediately. At this time, the privacy which has been transferred to DB will not be used for other purposes than the case by the law.
  • – In case when the retention period of privacy has passed, the privacy of the user for discard will be discarded within 5 days from the termination date of retention period; in case when its privacy becomes unnecessary such as the accomplishment of a goal of handling privacy, the discontinuation of corresponding service, and the termination of business within 5 days from the date of acknowledgement.
  • - Discard Method
    An unreproducible technical method will be used for the information of electronic file type. The privacy printed out on the paper will be discarded through shredding or burning.
7. Action for the Procurement of Safety on Privacy
DAIHAN CALSONIC WEBSITE has been conducting a technical, managerial, and physical action necessary for the procurement of safety as the following according to the Article 29 of Privacy Law.
1. Implement Regular Self Audit
A self audit has been regularly (once every quarter) implemented to procure the safety in relation to the handling of privacy.
2. Minimization & Education for Employee in Charge of Handling Privacy
DAIHAN CALSONIC has appointed an employee who handles the privacy and minimized personnel to the man in charge to implement a measure to manage the privacy.
3. Establishment and Implementation of Internal Management Plan
The internal management plan has been established and implemented for the safe handling of privacy.
4. Technical Measure in Preparation for Hacking
DAIHAN CALSONIC WEBSITE has installed a security program to prevent leak and damage on privacy by hacking or computer virus; conducted regular renewal and inspection; and installed a system in the restricted area to access from outside to monitor and block technically and physically.
5. Encoding Privacy
As the user's privacy will be encoded, saved and managed with the password, the person himself only knows. A separate security function has been used such that the important file and transferred data will be either encoded or a file lock function will be used.
6. Storage of Access Record and Prevention of Forgery and Alteration
The record accessed to the privacy handling system will be stored and managed at least more than 6 months. A security function is being used to prevent forgery, alteration, theft and loss of accessed record.
7. Restriction on Access to Privacy
A necessary action has been conducted for the access control regarding the privacy through the authorization, change and cancelation of access right for the data base system which processes the privacy. An illegal access block system has been used to control the illegal access from outside.
8. Use of Lock Device for Document Security
Documents including privacy and secondary saving medium have been stored in a safe place with a lock device.
9. Control over Entry of Unauthorized Person
A separate physical storage place has been furnished to store privacy and an entry control procedure has been established and operated for such purpose.
8. Preparation for Man in Charge of Privacy Protection
DAIHAN CALSONIC WEBSITE takes responsibility of works regarding the privacy handling and appoints a man in charge of privacy protection as follows in order to handle the complaint and relieve the damage of an information subject in relation to the handling of privacy.
▶ Person in Charge of Privacy Protection
Tel: 041)580-6114
In Charge: General Affairs Team
The information subject can inquire the man in charge of privacy protection and the relevant department of related matters such as the inquiry of all relevant privacy protections, complaint handling, and damage relief occurred while using the services (or businesses) of DAIHAN CALSONIC WEBSITE. DAIHAN CALSONIC WEBSITE will immediately answer and handle the inquiry of the information subject.
9. Relief Method for Damage on Privacy
The information subject can request a help from following agencies in case of receiving a relief from the damage on privacy.
▶ Privacy Damage Report Center (Operated by Korea Internet & Security Agency)
– Competent Works: Report actual damage on privacy, apply consultation
– Website :
– Tel: (w/o area code) 118
– Address: (138-950) Seoul, Songpa-gu, Joongdae-ro 135 KISA Privacy Damage Report Center
▶ Privacy Dispute Adjustment Committee (Operated by KISA)
– Website :
– Tel: (w/o area code) 118
– Address: (138-950) Seoul, Songpa-gu, Joongdae-ro 135 KISA Privacy Damage Report Center
  • ▶ Supreme Prosecutor's Office Cyber Crime Investigation Division: 02-3480-3573 ( (
  • ▶ Korean National Police Cyber Security Division: 1566-0112 ( (
10. Change of Privacy Handling Policy
① The present privacy handling policy will be applied from the day of its implementation. In case when any addition, deletion or modification of changed contents is needed according to the law and policy, DAIHAN CALSONIC will notify through notification 7 days before the implementation of changed information.
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